Emergency EDS Services

Introducing the Emergency Help EDS

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  A decade ago NJM Group developed the first ever variable rate board and presented it to the Australian market with great success. Today, we have revolutionised the E-DS system (VRB) to provide the most advance help display point this country has ever seen. This state-of-the-art device features an IP camera, touch screen functionality, direct […]

Smart secure parking with EDS

Smart, Secure and Speedy parking through EDS

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Chapel Street in Melbourne’s inner south is one of the city’s most famous streets. The main strip is often a buzz of activity with shoppers, tourists, diners and people out for a drink. But with the fun and excitement comes the major issue of parking. NJM Group has improved the chaotic parking situation by installing […]

Hydraulic Bollards

Hydraulic Bollards In Action

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Australian Bollards has recently installed four hydraulic bollards for a client to protect their horticultural business. When activated, these bollards rise from the ground like mighty oaks, only much faster. Layered protection is always a good idea. The combination of a sliding gate and bollards deters both pedestrians and vehicles, and a truck crashing through […]

lygon street - semi automatic bollards

First Class Protection for Lygon Street

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Next to Carlton’s Italian heart-and-soul deli, King and Godfree, Australian Bollards recently installed semi-automatic bollards on the ever-evolving Lygon Street. In cooperation with Hutchinson Builders, the alleyway at 293 Lygon Street has ensured laneway protection with stainless steel architectural bollards engineered for style and safety. Semi-automatic bollards are designed to allow vehicles access to restricted […]


The Rising Shield of the Centurion

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Australian Bollards is now offering the Centurion Road Blocker as a solution for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation. This heavy-duty security device has been crash-tested using a 6.8-ton truck going at 80kph, remaining intact and operational after the impact. The surface-mounted road blocker is another great innovation to bring the utility of a retractable HVM device with […]

smart speeding humps in school zones

Safe Roads Save Lives

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Those who do not respect our community, endanger it. Reckless drivers who don’t follow the speed limit risk their lives and everyone around them. Even though our government have put in place methods and devices to deter and prevent speeding, such as; speed cameras, traffic lights, red light cameras, and school zone times, there is […]