Our automation systems

Boom gates

Easy and smooth vehicle control.

Smart Speed Bumps

that rise if the car speeds.

Rising bollards

Hydraulic or pneumatic.


E-Display Solutions

Vehicle Charging Stations

to charge your electric car

Automatic barrier gates

at for example train stations

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Boom Gate

Our boom gates are all built to be automated.

Motion sensors are integrated into the system to allow efficient flow of traffic.

Our boom gates come with straight arms, articulated arms and with LEDs.

Retractable Bollards

These automatic bollards are run with hydraulic or pneumatic power.

They can be operated via a remote control, buttons, sensors or control rooms.



The E-DS screens built-in PCs allow for the display of live weather, traffic, news, video advertising and Parking guidance information (PGI) to help commuters efficiently find parking spots.

Sensors can be installed above parking spots to live track available parking spots and dynamically update the E-DS screen.

Smart Speed Bump

Smart speed humps are designed to only activate when a commuter is speeding.

The system uses sensors to detect the speed of a car and react accordingly.



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